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5. Your Trading Software MT4

In the previous article we have downloaded the software by opening a training account. But there is one thing we must do before we go into business. That means organizing our software. This is important only for members who use computer software. For members who use the Smart Phone app, there is nothing to change.

Desktop Metatrader 4 

When you first login to the software, you will see the following:


But if we keep the software this way, we can't trade forex easily. So the first thing we should do is to remove unnecessary pieces of software. Follow the steps below.

  1. keep only the two EUR/USD H4, GBP/USD H4 charts and remove the other Charts.
  2. Then click on the box icon at the top right corner of the chart and enlarge the chart.
  3. Download the chart template. CLICK HERE
  4. Right click on the chart and go to Template - Load Template, select the file you downloaded and open it.
  5. This should be done for both charts. You can use the tabs below the chart to switch between charts.
  6. Click the M30 at the top to change the chart's timeframe.
  7. You will see all of your future trades below the chart
  8. Now that you have already signed in to your demo Account, you will be able to see the details of your demo account Balance.
  9. If you can't see it, click The Trade tab below this area.

If you have a problem, chat with us using whatsapp (+ 91-9717167977).

Nothing to set up in Android or iPhone APP