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4. Lets Create a Demo account

Trades must be made to make money in the forex market. also We must have money in our forex account to make these trades. But, for now you have no money in your forex account. So how do you practice forex trading with no money?

This is where demo accounts come in. We get fake money from these demo accounts. You can get anything from $ 100 upwards if you like. But remember, this money is fake. So before we deposit real money into our real account, we go to practice and trade with this demo money to gain knowledge about our software and forex market.

How to create a Demo account

We can do this in several ways. You can open your demo account through Nordfx website and using desktop mt4 or mobile app. If you decided to use both desktop and mobile apps for the same account, the best way is to open a demo account through NodeFX website. Click here. Now you will get the following page.




Now all you have to do is enter your details on this page and create a training or demo account. Remember that this is a demo account, not a real account. real account is the one we opened in first article.

  • Account Type : Demo USD
  • Credit Leverage : 1:500 
  • First and Last Name :
  • Email : you can put same email as your real account
  • Phone : enter your phone number
  • Type the Numbers you see
  • click Open a demo account Green Button. 

that is all. Your demo Account Details page is now open. Copy these details or take a screenshot. The next thing we need to do is access these software using our training account details. Only then can we trade. Follow the details below.

Computers or Laptops:

1. Open Metatrade 4 software you have installed

2. Click on File - Login to Trade Account.

3. On the next page: Login: type your Training Account Number and Password, Saver : choose NordFX-demo and click Login. Now you have successfully logged in to the demo account.


1. Open your Android MT4 App.

2. Click on 3line(Menu) icon on the top left corner.

3. Click Manage Account.

4. Click the + icon at the top left.

5. Click Login to an Existing Account.

6. Type Nordfx in the find broker box and select Nordfx-demo.

7. Then enter Login Account Number and Password from the demo account we opened above and click on the sign in

Apple Iphone

1. Open the Iphone MT4 App.

2. Go to Setting and click New Account at the top.

3. Click Login to an Existing Account.

4. Type Nordfx in the Enter Company or Saver box and select Nordfx-demo.

5. Then enter the Login Account Number and Password in the demo account that we opened above and click on the sign in 

Now you know how to successfully login to the demo account using the software. The next thing we need to do is practice using this software.