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1. What is Forex ? how to Open a forex Account

This is an essential part you need to understand before entering the financial market. If you are going to deal with the financial market, you should have a good knowledge of forex and its practices. It is not good if you act without such understanding. So this first article I post on this site will give you some knowledge about forex and its uses. Read it very carefully, there is nothing to worry about, as it is a very simple topic that we are going to learn now.

The term "Forex" refers to the foreign currency exchange market. Many people know about the foreign currency exchange market but they are not familiar with FOREX because it is an unfamiliar word to them. However, as I mentioned earlier, the forex market is a place where foreign currency is exchanged. It's like the stock market. In the stock market, the shares of the major companies are exchanged among the buyers and eventually the investments are added to the companies. Similarly, in the forex market, foreign currency is exchanged between buyers and sellers and ultimately it determines the value of a particular currency in the market. On a global scale, the value of the forex market is determined by the economic changes taking place in the world. The major banking systems of the world's powerful countries and the economies of that countries have a direct bearing on the financial market situation. But that is only for relevant currency. sometime for other currencies, sometime not. 

Forex is currently the largest money market in the world, with around $ 4 trillion worth transactions per day. The market, which is mainly associated with the biggest banks in the world, is spread all over the world, with other banks, large companies and small traders like you and me handling it. Simply put, this is a place for everyone who likes to trade earn some money. roughly $2 - $50 per day or even more. 

So, now you know what is forex. but, how to trade ? Well, if you want to do forex and earn money. the very first thing we need to do is, open a forex account with a forex broker. why is that ? this is simple guys. you cant save money in a bank without having a bank account, you can't withdraw money from ATM if you don't have a bank account. so, if we want to do forex, we must have a forex broker account to connect with forex market. simple. 

Lets Open a Forex Account. 

Now we are going to open a forex account with an international forex brokerage company. As I mentioned before, we need a forex broker account to do forex. To do that, we use NORDFX as our brokerage company. NordFX is an international broker operating since 2008. I have doing forex with them since 2010. So let's go ahead and start an account. That's all you need to do now. Nothing else. So read the details below and make sure to open your first forex account correctly. Click the red button. After clicking, you will be redirected to nordfx accounts open application. if you don't know how to fill this form, see below details.

b1i1Now is the time to fill out your information in the nordfx account opening form.

1. Firt and Last Name : 
2. Email : enter your correct email ID to receive Account details
3. Phone : Enter your Correct Phone number to receive Free training
4. Account TYPE : Choose FIX
5. Currency : USD
6. Credit leverage : choose 1:500

And then , click on 2 empty boxes and then click Green OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT button. your first mission is now completed. Take a Screenshot of your Nordfx Account details page and shortly you will receive an email with your New Nordfx forex Account details. keep these details in a safe place. becasue we need these details from now on. 

so, you are completed your first step, let's go to next one. if you have any Question, comment below.